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  1. Nevermind...I just realized it's because superscript got set on.
  2. Nevermind...I just realized it's because superscript got set on.
  3. It would be great if the font size of your text changed as you change the font size on the toolbar using the up/down arrow keys. The text size currently changes when using the mouse/trackpad, but not keys.
  4. Hi guys...I'm loving Publisher so far, and my first piece of feedback was top be exactly this same topic. I absolutely agree with @vopash about the inconsistency with modifier keys across all Mac apps, and how AMAZING it would be to not have the frustration with having to go against our built-in muscle memory when working with text in Publisher. I figured the reason the developers made it this way was to be consistent with Adobe products, which is also INCONSISTENT with every other Mac app. I seriously urge you not to follow their lead in the awful UI design choice, or at least provide an option to use the bad Adobe way or the smart Mac way.
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