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  1. This is what happens when i import an Affinity SVG file without resizing while importing (by holding down the mouse and resizing) but if this was the case with copy paste i would at least see a new layer, even with 1x1 px, but nothing happens.
  2. Hi Sean, Thank you for your response, and yes, that's the behaviour i'm seeing.
  3. Hello, i am using macos' Spaces feature. I have a space dedicated to Affinity apps. Normally when an application is activated by opening a file, macos automatically switches to the dedicated space. But due to PDF Options dialog opening before file itself, space switch is not happening. The dialog window waits for a prompt on a hidden space. So i have to manually switch to affinity space every time i open a file prompting this dialog (practically every file which is not an .afdesign file). I know this seems like a minor trouble but when using AD a lot it becomes more annoying. Thank y
  4. Sorry but it is not working on mac. Pasting results in no action at all. Nothing happens. Only if i deselect copy as SVG it pastes as bitmap.
  5. Hello everyone, I wanna start by mentionning that i am a big fan of affinity suite. For 3 years now, i am trying to ditch Adobe and switch to Affinity. But whenever i try to do some real life work, this copy paste issue shows up. I can't paste to Keynote, i can't paste to Figma (with keeping the vector properties). I think affinity team should put a little more focus on real time workflows instead of adding new shiny tools. With every new major/minor update i check the list of new features with the hope of seeing this improvement with no luck so far.
  6. Don't get me wrong i am a big fan of Affinty products, and desperately trying to get rid of Adobe but... I have another issue, somewhat related to this subject. When i copy a vector shape from illustrator, i can paste it in apple iwork suite apps like keynote (which means it works system wide), or in a figma file keeping its vector properties. When i do the same from affinity designer (tried with copy as svg checked and unchecked), copied vector converts into bitmap in the clipboard, losing all vector properties. That's another huge problem, i can live with ungrouped hundreds of layers in
  7. Hello everyone, does anyone have information on if Serif is taking any action to convince stock image sites to set a standart for more compatible eps files? This issue is a real deal breaker which i discovered after purchased all of affinity suite
  8. Any progress in this topic? Copying vectors from AD on mac and pasting to Figma is a very important feature in my workflow. Export/import works but its a big set back.
  9. Hey MOB, i've looked at those as well (full list is below) But what i mainly need is a 2 sided development environment. When i select a tag within the code view, the design view sould be highlighted and vice versa. When i edit a text within the design view the code should be updated, auto paragraph, ul>li etc. Also ability to visualize not only HTML but .NET files (aspx, cs) as well. The closest i came up was brackets, but it fell short with HTML elements insert toolbars and aspx part. I guess years of DW dependency ossified my worflows beyond repair. Thx anyway for the tips. Her
  10. For a brief summary i am a print (CMYK) and web (RGB) designer/developer. After some harsh price increases on Adobe CC products in Turkey (they doubled their prices) i had decided to leave Adobe for good. On the first day of my search for alternatives i've found Affinity suite. IMHO they are better than Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign in regards of intuitivity, feature dosage and community/official support. Affinity Designer is much much better for web development. But unfortunately my search for a dreamweaver alternative failed big time. I guess i've downloaded every app ever create
  11. Hello, i am not sure if this is a bug or a misunderstood feature, but; I made a symbol, Used the symbol inside an asset Using the same asset, i've made changes and created a new asset. Now when i drag this asset on the file, symbol duplicates by itself in the assets panel. Attached you may find a screecast. Is this a bug or am i missing something? Thx in advance. asset-symbol-duplication.mov
  12. Thanks Dan, it is not a deal breaker for the moment, but it would be great not to manually break lines for every word
  13. Hello, Publisher seems to fix the problem with character panel language set to English, i was using a custom language library inside macos (Turkish) which failed in the Publisher Beta as well.
  14. I've uploaded a sample file showing the same symptoms with the Google Font Caveat. Thx again.
  15. Hello Dan, unfortunately beta requires a product key, i am still on the trial process to decide if ditching Adobe would be possible.
  16. Hello, i am new to Affinity Designer. So far everything seems perfect, with 1 exception; resizing text frames breaks words instead of flowing the whole word to the next line. Couldn't find any solution, it seems i am the only one having this issue. To clarify i am attaching a video file. MacOS Mojave 10.14.3 (18D109) | Affinity Designer 1.6.5 Screen Recorded2019-02-26 21_51_11.mov
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