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  1. Thank you I will do that
  2. Hello I have been using Affinity Designer on an iPad Pro (12.9 2018) since November 2018 but at the start of February the app keeps crashing every time I copy and paste items. Is there anything that I can do to stop this happening? Many thanks Warren
  3. Thanks Alfred I’ve done that! I really don’t know what to do next over the last few days I saved all my work, deleted and reinstalled the App then tried different ways to try and complete my artwork but it is no good. The App just keeps crashing and I can’t finish my extremely important work and it is beyond frustrating. If this can’t be fixed in the next few days I’ll have to purchase a more reliable App that will let me do what I need. This App has amazing potential but it’s crashing.
  4. Hi Alfred, I tried to duplicate the image but the same result it crashed.
  5. No. I’m copy and pasting my own vector drawings that have been made in the same app.