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  1. Paul Knight

    Halftone Support?

    I don't think pattern are a good solution to a effect filter. A filter can be quick adjusted and pattern have to made before and need to fit perfectly otherwise you have to do them new.
  2. I miss the feature a while now and im wonder why Affinity don't want to implement a halftone effect filter. A halftone effect filter is nothing you use everyday but if you want to use it you don't want to create all dots manually this cost a lot of time and looks still not like the halftone effect we know from Illustrator. Pls give us a TRUE halftone effect filter! Paul Knight
  3. Paul Knight

    bugs and suggestion

    I found 2 bugs today but I'm not sure if this is already reported. The first bug was as I created a second window with "new view" as I wanted set it to full-screen on my second monitor the window goes white and didn't show anything. The second bug I got is with the pen tool if I TAB out sometime it creates a random point on the artboard and sometimes it doesn't want to make points after I TAB back in. Overall I like affinity designer but why it always jumps back to the artboard and doesn't want to stay in the group I created, so I need to bring all parts manually back into the group I created before. This can be really frustrating if you have other parts outside the group and doesn't know now with parts belongs to the group.