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    Bullet points and Numbers?

    I needed to make a numbered list today and ran into this limitation. It really sucks to have to enter numbers manually, especially if you have to go back and edit to add in an extra item and then you need to re-number everything. I hope Affinity Designer can add a bullets and numbers feature into the Paragraph tool sometime this year.
  2. Nexus Marketing Online

    Exit text editing

    How can I edit the Affinity Designer text tool without dragging my curser over to the left panel and clicking on another tool? In Photoshop, for example, I can simply press the Escape key to exit the text tool. Usually after editing text I need to reposition the text. It would be a lot faster to hit "Escape" and then "V" to move the text, rather than drag the curser over to the "V" tool and then back to my object. (I'm just trying to speed up my workflow to Photoshop levels.) Thanks in advance for your advice!

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