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  1. Where do I find the proper dictionaries to be use with A.D. for spellchecking? So far I know the dictionaries are to be added to [on WIN] "ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries What I don't know nor can't seem to find is where the Affinity spellchecking dictionary are located at. !? Could one just use dictionaries from the Mozilla's Firefox or LibreOffice repositories without issues? Thanks
  2. Excuse the lack of proper term but what I referred to as "Sub-place raster image under said object(s)" is Clipping : ) The issues that I've in said case is having to clip the rater image for every object that stands on its own layer. Is there a way to bring all objects/curves into a single layer? I created a simple example to help me illustrate it. I want to clip the yellow figure for all objects present on said group. Given my trials and errors, the best way would be to bring all objects into a single layer. On my project, these objects are different and already have been stylized hence my dilemma.
  3. Hello Affinity community, I recently decided to buy Affinity Designer and from them on I've found new inspiration. Technical mind meets designer mind. I've found inspiration in learning how to flow my away around Affinity designer as I'm able to flow on other graphic design products. I currently am working on two separate projects solely on Affinity designer and even though I've been able to accomplish the major things I needed done there are other things that raise some question and several "oh why haven't they included X or Z feature" For now my question is simple. I've created & styled several shapes (curves) but each stand on their on layer. I brought these layers together as a group (Group layer with the curves/objects under it but still on their own layer.) I now, after the design have become more elaborated, want to mask an image (raster image) behind all of these objects. For this I've two options: 1: Mask Below but with this option I lose control over the raster image. 2: Sub-place raster image under said object(s). but while this method allows me to maintain control over the rater image, it is much complicated/inefficient to work and get the style/effect I am looking for (masked under each, right placement, resizing, etc) The Point If there a simple way to bring all these curves/objects together into a single layer without having to redraw/stylize all of them so that one may mask them by sub-placing the raster image? The whole point is being able to manipulate the raster image after being masked (resize, move, colorize, etc) Thank you.
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