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  1. StarterMan

    symmetry tool needs a lock

  2. symmetry tool is incomplete without a lock. i touch the center line by accident many times,its annoying. how much time to add a simple lock? i want to use Affinity designer to do all my drawings,thats why i purchased it,but im forced to use free software like autodesk sketchbook when i need symmetry...
  3. StarterMan

    corner tool problem

    thank you for telling me Mark!
  4. StarterMan

    corner tool problem

    wow it works Aammppaa! before i resize it i selected move tool and clicked on convert to curves like you said and now i have all rounded with a much better performance when resizing. i almost say"rip corner tool" but fortunately the forum have nice guys willing to help. thank you guys. Mark,in the future i want to make some shirts,designs in png looks pixelated,thats why i like to use higher resolutions. thanks one more time.
  5. StarterMan

    corner tool problem

    this is what i did now step by step:i click on file,new and choose document dimensions 10000px10000px 300 dpi. next i click 2 times on the zoom tool to make it 100% zoom for the bigger screen. after this i start to do a dogs ear with the pen tool,ok now its time to round with the corner tool,it looks good. the problem starts when i go back to my original dimensions document(zoom to fit) and i resize or scale it up the dogs ear,its not rounded anymore its only a ugly sharp ear,its like i never used the corner tool.
  6. hi. i purchased affinity designer some months ago and after i doing some things just for fun i have to say this is incomplete software. this is what happened today... i used corner tool to make rounded some dog shapes,guess what...after i resize the design no rounded anymore...its like i never used the corner tool. i exported to png and svg and the problem is still there. i used beta and stable version too. right now corner tool is useless if i resize. fix the software bugs please. and sorry for my bad english.