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  1. I have this problem but have yet to find a real solution. Anyway to get rid of the random black lines that appear when printing?
  2. I have the newest version of affinity and the "not responding' has not resolved from the last version. In fact it is worse. Every move I make I get not responding for about 30 sec. to 3 minutes, making getting anything done impossible. I have a brand new laptop and the newest version of windows. Any suggestions? I copy something "not responding" wait a minute or so. Then I get to move whatever I copied, then "not responding" wait a minute or so. Start a text box "not responding" wait a while , then it pops up and type a couple of letters then "not responding. You get the picture. I've u
  3. Yesterday my software suddenly started lagging. It's like browsing the internet with dial up. It' very frustrating as I lost hours of work yesterday. I've updated my drivers, reset the software to default settings. Closed the program, shut my computer down, checked for other apps running in background. Nothing has helped. I need help with this. When I move an object it literally takes 5 - 10 seconds to move.
  4. I have the most updated version of Affinity Designer for Window 10. The problem happens with various documents I'm working on, not just one. The program either just stops responding, or just closes without warning and today I received a crash error. The problems typically happen after I've been on the program for 15 minutes or so. I have tried shutting it down and reopening but it does the same thing. I've tried restarting my computer and making sure nothing is running in the background, I've tried disconnecting internet while using the software. Nothing seems to work. affinity designer
  5. Hello, my affinity designer stops responding every few minutes. I've restarted the program and it continues to happen. Can't really get anything done because of the lag time it takes to do anything. Is there a solution. I'm on windows 10. Thank you, Kristen
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