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  1. with background in the folder works with this trick works. I wasn-t aware about this, I'll try to keep this in mind, thanks so much
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the answers well, I haven't put it in the group bacause is my original layer and I want to be able to find it easily just in case it is different as I shown, I mean....I expected to have a dark/night image after I grouped the layers....instead, on the day light one, it looks it's applied only the first top layer in the group and all the others are not visible. I made a quick vieo to show better you what the problem is https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibognzxbb56l06e/2020-07-31 08-53-41.mkv?dl=0
  3. Hi everyone, probably a silly question here.... basically I'm trying to convert an imge from a daylight to night light. I made some adjustment, and because some 3d elements are going to be implemented, to make some order I'd like to group what made so far. point is, when I tried to group them it looks odd, it basically showing only the last layer... What am I missing? Thanks in advance, Lorenzo
  4. Hi Callum, Sorry for the delay, just came back home If the file is going to be use internally Seriff, yes please, make it could help to solve the problem
  5. I know what you mean, But it happens once I had to share a file with Redshift support to fix a bug. They do a private share to deal with NDA projects, I don't know affinity. If you need the problem fixed, in someway they have to see it though
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for helping me. I'm abroad and replying by phone, I hope I don't miss anyone. So, they are "creative" but not so creative.quite sure they exported it. I can try to ask to export it again, but I had to do it yesterday because today I had a flight and tomorrow I had to deliver the job. If someone from Seriff could check the file could be great, at least I'd know the problem, even for future. Adobe solutions: I tried, but those b.......s give you the 7 days trial asking already for the credit card. Ok, done it anyway and block it straight away.....well....they cancelled everything at the exact moment, so I lost the 7 day trial too. I hope they figure the problem out, just for knowledge at least. Lorenzo
  7. Hi Fritz, thanks for your reply. I fell on this like a noob, sorry. Neither of Affinity photo or designer works, latest version. I tried already to open the pdf with a pdf reader and save it with a new name, tried then to open in designer again but didn't work. Name right now is "blush nude" so nothing crazy. I only know it has been used the latest version of Cc illustrator, but like evertime the client sent a file to me. File is like 2.13Gb right now.
  8. Hi everyone, it's the first time the something like this happens. basically, I got the file from the client in AI and PDF format. when I try to open the AI it's said "the file type is not supported", and when I try to open the pdf it's said "file could not be parsed" any reason in general why this happens? file dimensions? I checked in the forum but I havent seen the solution, just asking to send the original file. I can't upload the file here in public because under NDA. Thanks in advcance
  9. ok....my bad. I think I know the problem. I put the texture in the wrong place.....shame on me
  10. Hi everyone, I'm following the workbool, whittler project, and I'm currently setting the brushes. when I have to put the mode to nozzle, in the texture tab, it doesn't stay on "nozzle" but it keeps to change to "none". I'm using the last version of designer. is anyone having the same issue?
  11. Hi everyone, having trouble saving a file from cinema 4d and layer, these are splitted in R,G,B. so, I get a B/W image for each channel and I'm trying to put this image as alpha mask but it doesn't seem to work. is it normal or there is anything I'm missing?
  12. Hi everyone, I'm trying to open on exr file with layer in it. it has been saved from cinema 4d + redshit and its AOV pass. when open I can see that the layers are splitted in R, G, B channel as per attached. any way to avoid this?
  13. Hey, sorry for teh delay, I missed the notification. here the images https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hj0sqozrgojq4dg/AAD0hLj2qaBefjtsHZ0DPbVJa?dl=0 thanks
  14. thanks, checking now it's actually median already and I have around 10 images, doesn't work unfortunately. let's see if I can fix it with the video linked just above. thanks for helping guys. fingers crossed
  15. Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the image stack to remove people, I saw some video on youtube and seems pretty easy.....well, when I try, it doesn't look right, people become ghost style. Am I missing something? I've done around 10 images, but here just an example with few. the circle guy on the bike should not be there and I'd see only the floor...so why I can still see him? image usign all the stack photos is even worse. how to fix it? Thanks in advance
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