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  1. It is more like a rumor, since if it was really true, there surely would not be any formal public references for this. however, they do send sometimes someone, like that visit to valve when they started supporting linux, or brasil (I think it was brasil?) when they decided to migrate their public IT to linux. Really I do not want to start any discussion about this since I really hope it's not the case. So let's rest it there. I am just sure that porting that would not be thaaat hard and that any decision there would change the market situation, as well as kill depencies many people have, just because of the software they can't use natively, me included. I really want at least 2 of serif's products, having them running in some VM is not an option on the long term.
  2. for what reason exactly? i think it is a well known secret, that adobe won't do this because microsoft 'wishes' so, there is really no reason not to do this with all the ideas people had around here.
  3. +1 for linux, I have not been using anything else besides this for years, so have lots of people around me - also I know designers, print studios and even professional print studios who really would switch to linux immediately, if adobe software would run with it. you have one possible advantage here that could change the entire market. also for me a native (non-wine) release of any serif's software is an instabuy, especially AD, including myself + colleagues I work with. saying that: reconsider your decision, it is not super-hard, and will surely not cost 500k. you basically need to support GTK or preferably QT as the GUI (like .net on windows for example) and hardly more than 2 packaging systems which are rpm and deb, both are practically the same behind the scenes. any small dev team could port all that, there are lots of GTK/QT-devs out there, just find one or two, employ or just pay them for the job, and let them do it.

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