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  1. Just created an account to add my two cents: I am more or less the computer guy for family and friends (and their family) and i noticed that the interest in Linux is more and more growing in the recent years, esp in the recent months, even. It is not only that i get more often asked to install them Linux, i even get surprised by people who i'd never expect something like this from, that they got some Linux Mint or Ubuntu by them self and are very happy with it. Many refuse Windows 10 or Windows in general, Microsoft didn't do a great job in earning ppl's trust in the recent past, Apple didn't either. However as pointed out before, Darktable and Gimp (and Krita) are very nice tools but they are not always nice enough (well Krita maybe is for its, but my focus is on Affinity Photo here) - i actually came here because i had something in my head about Affinity and Linux but maybe i was wrong after all, which is sad because i really wanted to buy a license and i really know ppl who could use it as well ... but "unfortunately" ... are running Linux. As for myself... i was playing with the thought of trying some it with Wine but ... i am too afraid of getting frustrated with this workaround. Even Blackmagic (and various other companies meanwhile) is doing it, please port it to Linux, as for packaging, just just Snap or Flatpak!
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