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  1. Hello Afinity-Team, the problem has been solved, I first had to select Color Space CMYK, then I was able to select the color profiles again.
  2. You are right, in Adobe Reader everything is ok, only in Preview (Vorschau) is this representation.
  3. Very much. However, the file has 31 MB. I can only upload 1.9 MB.
  4. Recently, I have the problem that the appearance of the effects (in this case: appearance to the outside) after export to PDF X3 are no longer displayed correctly. Already in PDF Print. (Picture 1: PDF X3; Picture 2: PDF Print) Affinity Designer, Version 1.6.1.
  5. For a new document, the color profile can be selected. But not in this document and not in a similar brochure. The drop-down menu for color profiles and color space does not open at all.
  6. Selecting PDF-X3 will not let you apply color profiles anymore.Version: