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  1. Hi walt, thanks for your feedback. I just downloaded the new .228 update and it worked. Now the program is also available in German. that gives me hope that the final version will be released soon. Greetings from Austria, markus
  2. Hi, I've been working on the beta version of AP for a while now. Yesterday I installed the new Version [1] on my Dell xps 9570 (Winows 10 pro). After download the EXE file it does not open. After open the downloaded EXE file manually, the AP icon briefly appears in the taskbar but then disappears again. I uninstall the old version, then I restarted the computer and downloaded the new version again, but it does not work. Today I downloadet the new version again and tried again to open the file, then I got the following message. Exception: Create Directory failed. Do you have a solution to this problem? you can also contact me at the following email address: m.buresch@immo-center.cc Thank you!!!