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  1. Is there any way to invert a mask layer in Affinity Designer on iPad? I have seen several topic regarding how it gets done in Affinity Photo (using channel mode, which I can’t find its counterpart in Designer) but I want to do this in Affinity Designer and am still pretty puzzled. Also I’m having a hard time inverting a selection, too. I do it by tracing and then set it to outer line mode and widening pixels.. and I couldn’t help but thinking there may be more simple way as in Photoshop etc..
  2. I want to keep draw the same setting of brush stroke in pen tool mode but when I deselect, and start a new line, it just goes back to normal line even though brush stroke mode is already selected, and in brush menu the brush I used before is marked selected. and I have to adjust everything, re-tap the brush that is already marked as selected, then it goes with the default width so I have to change everything, every time... I have looked up tutorials, and skimmed through the Affinity official workbook but couldn't find a solution to this.