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  1. Hi Mark Thanks for responding to this and I understand the difficulties at this time. I'm very impressed with the colour management work you have done since I last saw AP a few years ago. What you have said in that the image should go darker or to the ST2084 transform is what I would have expected. But this doesn't happen. With Win10 HDR activated the Asus PA32 is definitely in PQ mode (you need this to get EDID working with HDR to get the ENABLE HDR active). EDID was double checked with HDFury Integral2. To see what was actually happening I created an image stack of test patches from Li
  2. HDR with Photo and 32bit preview to true HDR monitor Asus PA32UCX. To output HDR from AP, you need to enable HDR On in WIn 10 to get the EDID working for HDR so the 32bit HDR selection is active in AP. But, what WIndows does is it seems to then create an ST2084 (PQ) to 2.2gamma EOTF to the monitor so SDR content looks correct. It then relies on the HDR content to be tagged correctly for the ST2084 EOTF to work. In AP, the HDR becomes active but with a 2.2gamma. I need to work in ST2084 for VFX/cinema/HDR for video. So it seems AP does not send a tag correctly to Windows to pick up the profile
  3. Hi. Firstly I noticed that the Import ICC Profile only wants to see .icc files and not .icm files. 2ndly, system and image are AdobeRGB1998 colourspace and monitor is calibrated as such with an internal 3D LUT. I have been looking at soft proofing and it seems the that trying to use the sRGB IEC1966 (standard system profile) does not do as expected, that is transform the AdobeRGB colourspace to sRGB. Not sure why, but it is certainly OK in PS and GIMP v2.10. thanks
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