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  1. Thank you this worked. Will keep reading the forums, ever so useful and see if I can contribute to them.
  2. Hello Thank you for telling me what to write. Complete novice at this, but loved Page Plus and hoping this will be as good if not better. (Big Serif fan). I had been using it for several weeks, had some updates everything working well until Loaded the software and said the beta had timed out and new version needed (as before), but this time after the update. It did nothing... The icon appeared on the taskbar and then disappeared. No messages, no windows... nothing. So uninstalled software using usual Windows uninstall. And then went to the full download from the Affinity website. Installed it but still the same happens. loads on task bar, and then disappears. Checked task manager to see if there was any activity in there nothing appeared. I have tried the uninstalling and redownloading several times now, with the same problem. I have also just been to the download today and the download says it is So where is 238? It works fine (so far) on my other laptop, Toshiba Satellite Pro Windows 10. The problem is on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Windows 10. (If that helps). I have added a screenshot of where I got the download and it tells you the version (Sat 15.38 9th Feb 2019)
  3. I have been trying to update to the latest version of Publisher 1.7.0 but with no luck. It just does nothing. i have also tried uninstalling and downloading this version again it does nothing. Does not install. Been fine up to now. Ideas?