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  1. Thank you. This helped me further finding the answer to my query. Had to select "Move" tool instead of "View" tool which enabled to have this functionality Thanks all for your help
  2. Thank you for the guidance! It has helped in reaching the stage of enabling layers to be editable now however some further assistance would be appreciated. Following is the gist - 1) facing issues with having the selection to edit > Recalling the excerpt from parent topic, The selection still doesnt work. The process is quick cumbersome to select layer first to be edited and then, select the appropriate tool. Can you kindly suggest in right direction as we have this feature in photoshop which I have used the most being it more efficient to fasten workflow Attached marked screenshot reference
  3. Having recently installed Affinity Photo however facing issues with having the selection to edit - have tried clicking the element like we do in photoshop or selecting from layer but both ways, the option to edit doesnt appear. https://cl.ly/a6cdb4dc3407 Have tried with varied selections Please note that that it is PSD file which had been created in photoshop and now being edited in Affinity photo Regards
  4. Thanks for the response however, these tools are of paramount importance to me. Have started to use trial of Affinity if it fits in well for the purpose. Cannot afford to buy two tools separately as my major usage had been for photoshop. I have primarily used Illustrator for getting vector designs or vector elements and copy them to photoshop to be used to enhance my designs. Can you confirm if Affinity photo allows importing or copying of AI files as separate layer in Affinity photo Regards
  5. Hello, Had been exploring the tools available in Affinity designer ever since I was searching for robust alternative for Photoshop. Upon closer findings, Could see that "Magic wand" tool isnt available. Kindly suggest or guide Also, Had read review here in reference from specific excerpt is being cited : https://99designs.com/blog/design-resources/affinity-designer-vs-adobe-illustrator-review/ Someone may kindly confirm if buying Affinity designer is suffice to get the required and essential tools available in Photoshop or will it be needed to buy Affinity Photo too Regards
  6. Guys, Any update or someone could guide if Affinity Designer allows to get the missing fonts now specifically for a PSD file?
  7. Perfect, thanks for the tip and quick response. Followed this tutorial and got to switch over to Pixel Persona and voila! the option appeared Thanks once again
  8. Thanks for the reply however I am unable to find option to select Marquee selection tool. Also, Right-click to select from other varied options doesnt work. Kindly suggest Attached screenshot for reference
  9. Unable to find option to add layer mask and using elliptical marquee tool like we have in photoshop. Kindly guide like we have in photoshop - <a href="https://www.photoshopessentials.com/basics/selections/elliptical-marquee-tool/">Elliptical Marquee Tool</a>
  10. Perfect. This works fine. Indeed, It was PSD file as I have stopped using photoshop and looking for good alternative with it taking less memory_usage e.t.c as photoshop is simply too heavy. I assume Affinity is lightweight
  11. Thank you. It worked fine with chrome browser Had another query relative to editing of text type layer which isnt coming by default when selecting some text. Kindly confirm or do I require to open forum topic Regards
  12. Having tried downloading .exe file multiple times however it is failing due to which installation process isnt going through The free trial file had been downloaded from here - https://store.serif.com/en-us/checkout/?basket=eb1558972a6403246b4160018ea5291fc023a2e486c0af2e Screenshot - https://cl.ly/2f71072563ad Running windows 10