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  1. Thanks @MEB !! I doubt Serif will need our encouragement to "make it to be far more the best DAM ever." They already seem to "get it." Please do be aware there are some of us out here who have legacy data (photo adjustments) committed to Apple Aperture, who would really appreciate a migration path. (You need a test case...?) I'd asked whether to plan on using Lr for long. So I sure appreciate @MEB for the "glimpse behind the curtain." Are you able to disclose any details such as target timing? Be assured I would NOT hold you to any such forecast nor quote it, I'm just asking for planning purposes. Thanks! Let me know how I can help.
  2. Hi, I'm Marc at LivingSeaimages.com. I've been a photographer for 30+ years, my specialty is underwater images. I do landscapes and wildlife as well, and in the last 2 years I've been exploring astro-photography (night sky, especially eclipses). I working toward weaning myself away from Ps and Id, toward Affinity Photo and Publisher (beta so far). Still on the beginning portion of the learning curve, really. Affinity looks to be a great company with pretty brilliant coders on board. Bravo! And you seem to value your customers, unlike your competitors. So, I have a question I know you cannot fully answer. I have clung to Apple's Aperture for years due to a huge investment of image adjustment data that does not port in any reasonable way to Lightroom. So I am suffering the pain of adapting to Lr. But I don't want to, and I'll ultimately have to hand re-adjust 100s or 1000s of images in Lr if I'm to stick with it. Yuk. So while I know nobody can leak unannounced product plans, can you advise me as to how committed to Lr I should become? That is, should I invest in learning it for, say, the next year's use? Five years? indefinitely? Thanks for any recommendation you can offer, and please, please keep making great software!
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