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  1. Alfred, thanks, I hadn't realized that the two were distinct. Thanks a lot
  2. I know that once I have a vector line I can add arrowheads, but can I create a new brush that has an arrowhead by default?
  3. I was trying to back up my files on Dropbox and I just found out that unless I manually click on save for each and every new file, they won't get saved to the "on My IPad" location, from which they can then be dragged to Dropbox. A couple of questions and a request: 1. Is there a way for all new files to get automatically saved to "on My IPad" as soon as they are closed? 2. Is there a way for the directory/folder structure to be preserved during the "on My IPad" save? Right now they all go to a single folder, which is pretty confusing. 3. I have seen previous posts where people have been asking for the default saving location to be Dropbox. I second that. thanks
  4. Sorry for the late response, but I have been doing some experiments and found a way out, but not really the underlying reason. Here we go: 1. the issue is not file size, extension, or connection speed. here is an example regarding speed and file size since these issues were previously brought up https://youtu.be/Be0EuZ6-YMY 2. the workaround is to open the file in my computer (using Inkscape), remove the background layer, and save the images as an SVG. Now, this smells like a bug, but I can't tell for sure. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks, Woven, but my laptop runs Linux and so I don't have a desktop version. It looks like my only option is to keep them in Dropbox then. That is not bad, the only thing is that there seems to be a bug where my favorite folders doesn't get saved between sessions, meaning that I have to navigate inside Dropbox to get to the correct folder every time.
  6. I have a dropbox folder with something like 200 assets in svg and am trying to import them. Here is what I tried: 1. Created a category and renamed it - not sure if that was really necessary 2. Clicked on import category and navigated to my dropbox folder and nothing ... there is no button allowing me to import the files. Inserting each one by hand doesn't look like the way to go, I think. So, I clearly don't understand how this works or what I am doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  7. DM!, this was also my first reaction, but I had files that were quite larger than these downloading without a problem. I also tried to get closer to my router and even tried a wired connection, to no avail. Again, I am puzzled, no clue so far. I will update this post if I get more information on what is actually going on.
  8. This is really strange. I downloaded the file again and now it is inserting. Nothing else changed. I will have to investigate further, but I appreciate your responses. As for the screen, the file on the Dropbox screen was in motion as if it were attempting to download.
  9. I import my images through Dropbox, but while some images will import just fine, others won't, and I no idea why. There is no relationship file size or type (happens with svg, ai, or eps). Attached are two files labeled yes (can be imported) and no (cannot be imported). Any ideas on what might be going on? yes.eps no.eps
  10. Thanks Gabe, it would be great if this bug could be fixed
  11. I was just watching https://youtu.be/P0ov1MPYoFY?t=72 and the difference is indeed big. Any thoughts on when we could expect improvements?
  12. I am new to affinity designer and so this might just be my misunderstanding of how it works, but I selected a dropbox folder as my target location, created several test artboards, and when i click on individual artboard or try to export all of them at once I do get a message saying something like “the current slice is being exported to your chosen folder.” But when i get to dropbox there is nothing there. Note that if i try to export using the regular export function it does work (although all artboards are in a single file). Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong?
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