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  1. Can you elaborate on that? Which path and plist files are you referring to? In the Library I can only find Crash Reports... thank you
  2. Hi, I'm trying to use Publisher for Comics Lettering (I've noticed I'm not the only one in this forum) and I was wondering if there is a way to set levels independently from which spread or page I'm on. For examples, if I create some levels while I'm on page 1 I won't have the same levels on page 2-3-4... and so on. Is there a way to create the levels one time and have them empty and ready to use on all pages except from Master pages? What I would like to do is having on each page a level for the images, one for balloons, one for text and one for sfx without having all of them locked by default (as they are if I create them in the master) and must enter the detached mode every time I change page. In this way I could just place the frame for the images in the "images" level in the master and have them ready on every page but not locked by default, and in every level I could create all the balloons and text needed. I can do that right now but without all the levels is just a mess of objects and having to redo them in every page can be annoying as just as having to click "detached" over and over to make changes. Having the possibility to manage levels independently would be a great help. Or, at least, can I set the "detached mode" the default one for all the pages? Thanks for all your awesome softwares!
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