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  1. Kind of a question Im not sure what kinda answer i'm gonna get. I know this program, like photoshop, is not first and foremost a drawing program but so far I have been pretty decently satisfied with my lines so long as I have some stabilization on, even just as low as 5. however when I use the stabilizer theres a visual aid for the tool that turns on and trails after each of your strokes, and can be slightly annoying. its not that much of an issue at only 5 levels of stabilization as its basically right behind your stroke/pen nib. I was wondering if there could be a simple togg
  2. Hello, Nice to meet everyone here! I was introduced to Affinity photo on the iPad and am happy now to have both affinity photo and designer up and running on my pc. i'm a hobbyist if anything so i real look orward to learning how to use these two programs, i've also ordered their respective manual from the store since they're relatively new and there's less domentation just on the web. i've pretty much purged adobe cc from my workflow i'm very happy not being robbed every month. (i'm fine with paying for incremental updates but 50 a month is a little steep) thank you so much t
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