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  1. When setting up master pages I come to a point where I have so much guides that I am starting to get confused which guid was for what... For picture, textframes, etc. A possibility to assign different colors to guides with different meanings would be helpful to keep the orientation. e.g. all blue guides are for image alignment, red is for textframes, yellow for other design elements etc. Would it be possible to assign colors to guides? Is it possible to use geometric shapes as guides? Rectangular, triangular, circular etc? Or non-vertical, non-horizontal? E.g. I would like to have a 45° textframe stripe on a top corner of some pages, but not of all. Or a round bubble at a certain position of some pages, not of all... I think guides from geometric shapes would also help to keep the screen clean of "unnecessary" guides lines in some cases, as often I don´t need the whole vertical or horizontal line over both facing pages. I think also for geometric shape guides assigning different color would help for better overview. Maybe this feature is already included and I just did not find it?
  2. I also came across this issue. When I get the overflowing textframes notifications, all I currently can do is check all of the textframes one after the other for that red eye symbol. (Right?)The document has 20 pages and around 60 textframes and its already difficult. Imagine when its 100 pages or more... Would be great if you could include a feature to easily detect which textframes are overflowing :-)