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  1. Thank you Wosven, that worked for me too, and saves the step of making the rectangle. The rectangle might help with clipping in case someone doesn't remember to still select the "empty" artboard for export and instead selects the contents (or group) that you drag out of the artboard grouping in Layers. My bleed elements extend beyond the desired bleed, so selecting the empty artboard(s) still uses the specified bleed setting/dimensions to clip everything properly.
  2. Thank you grapher! Your workaround works for me, and saved me from some more painful workaround options in order to get my multi-page artboard documents ready for print this week. I sure hope this is fixed in the next beta drop.
  3. I agree, this is driving me nuts too. Yes, I am using one or two Pantone colors, but I hate having to switch away from Tint and over to Sliders every time I go over to the color selector when I'm adding or changing non-Pantone colors. I wish the color selector would just remain at the last setting that you used.