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  1. LaTeXiT allows you to save an image in .eps form after which is is easily imported into Designer. On the Mac, you can drag the .eps from the finder. Works great.
  2. Thanks for the response. I will look for the civil engineering tutorials.
  3. Hello, I was wondering whether anyone is using Affinity Designer for precision mechanical drawing or CAD? I have been playing with AD as a replacement for some fairly expensive CAD apps (mainly on the Mac) and am impressed with its capabilities in this area due mainly to its extensive snapping features and drawing guides. My interest is in making precise drawings of scientific apparatus for publication (mainly in books). I have formerly used Ashlar Graphite (on the Mac) for drawing and like it very much, but find it to be extremely expensive to maintain. I am also attempting to move my set of desktop publishing apps to the iPad. There are already two tolerable LaTeX typesetting apps on the iPad and I need to see whether AD can be fit into my workflow (using drag and drop and other iOS 11 features). If anyone is using AD for mechanical drawing, it would be nice to exchange tips and experiences. Thanks. wn
  4. I am also a (retired) scientist (physics) and find Affinity Designer to be very useful for scientific documents (I would love to find a replacement for my current drawing program: Ashlar Graphite). I found a different approach to embedding LaTeX snippets - I create a pdf from the drawing app (in this case Designer) and drop it into OmniGraffle together with as many LaTeX snippets as I want (using LaTeXit). They can then be positioned and resized at will. This works very well and was used in a book I recently wrote. I realize it requires another app (OmniGraffle) and some additional steps but it is fairly straightforward. One can also use this technique with other apps, such as Igor Pro graphs. I make bare graphs and use LaTeXit for all the labeling, using OmniGraffle for the final layout (then make a pdf and use the \includegraphics command in TeXShop).

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