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  1. My fault was that I had "Force pixel alignement" and "Move by whole pixels" turned off. And that created this effect. After turning these options on all works perfect. Thank you soo much for helping me .
  2. My first attempt had a transparent artboard but the result was the same. I only stumbled upon this because i wanted to use it to export it as a png to use that png as a repeating brush in the designer. brushbase white line.afdesign But when i used the brush these two lines showed very visible because the PNG has thesewhite/transparent stuff in it. I wanted to have one document with many artboards for an easy creation of a slice to export. Though the lines show up. If you do not have these i would like to know your global setting. Maybe I choose the wrong option. Mmmh, I wanted to upload the exported brushbase png as an example but it gives me a strange " There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 "error.
  3. Hi When I create a new document, in Affinity Designer on IPad, with an artboard and then color it completly black there are two lines that are not black. On the right side and on the bottom of the artboard. If I do not use an artboard it works fine and all is colored black. These lines are also exported and are part of the picture. What setting do I have to use to disable these lines in the artboard? Attachments: The File I created: artboard remove white stuff.afdesign Creation of the document: coloring of the artboard: zoomed in view with the split view between pixel and vector