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  1. I hope they will do. I like to work with affinity but sometimes there are undesirable bugs... We will see. At the moment I know how to fix my problems. It is no comfortable solution but it is a solution.
  2. Sorry was off. I use windows 7 pro. But why isn´t there a function to save a affinity file with all linked layers and fonts also ? I work with other programms who are able to collect all linked files and save them to one file or create a folder with the content to transfer it to another computer to work on. My music production software, my website programm. Even Blender got this working. It is irritating to change to publisher and embed all and look if there is a special font which is on my workstation but not on laptop...
  3. Hey there. I got the problem with affinity photo. I drag & drop images or place them inside my document and then, not all but some of them, are not embedded, they are LINKED! What the hell. I work on my workstation at home and sometimes with my laptop when traveling. So I copy the affinity file to usb stick and transfer it to the laptop. But then I cannot replace the missing images. That is not good! Such a thing couldn´t happen that I have to change to publisher before I transfer the file to usb stick and embed all images that affinity photo linked! Why does it Link them when I am not able to change them before transfer? If it is in case of lower resources then answer me, Why isn´t it marked as linked at the layers label? This is very poor. By the way I worked only at affinity photo on this file. I opened it at publisher today to see and change which are linked, because tomorrow I am on tour and will work on this file. With alle Images. I wasted 2 hours on this... It is to despair.
  4. Hello there. Why is an embedded document (pdf) not exported unless it is rasterized before? For more Information: I had to create a banner with the logos of sponsors. I got them as different types such as jpgs, gifs and one was a pdf file. I've vectorised most of them in case of their small resolution. The PDF file was good so I did nothing with it exept to put it on the banner and resize it to its final height and width. Then I made an export as JPEG where the Logo from the pdf file was missing ??? Why? Is this a bug or do I have to rasterize embedded documents before export? Because on the next try I rasterized it and then ... tada ... all logos on the JPEG File. I tried the same with a new document. I put a PDF File on it and export it as JPEG and the PDF was not put in. I exported it as a PDF File again and it was also missing? I tried this with Affinity Photo and Designer too. Running System Windows 7 PRO Affinity Version Jump_Fitness Logo neu.pdf
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