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  1. thank you so much, that's exact what i was looking for! i never got a notification on your reply, so i just now seen it. thanks!
  2. how to you add interior and exterior stroke, I may be able to add interior stroke to the text
  3. Alright so i cant make the text bold, this font doesnt have the option, alright so for the second one I tried this and i was very confident about it, but after I convert it to curves it still has the stroke out of the curve and the other software wont interpret that correctly. I dont know if there is a way to combine the actual stroke into the curve, or to make the text appear more bold before converting it to curves, but i do appreciate the advise. I didnt know you could add stroke to texts.
  4. I can add stroke just fine. I suppose I should build a scenario. I make a text, I convert this text to curves then add a stroke to make the text appear more bold and appear the way I want it to, but then when I export the file (to .svg format) and send that file over to another software for another use, the text (already converted to curves and with stroke) appears without any stroke. I've checked on the .svg file when exported and it's fine, but when the other software reads the file it only reads the curves not the stroke. I understand you can't change the way another software reads an .svg file. My question is if there is any way for me to add the stroke as part of the actual curve itself on Affinity. I've gone around this by tracing the entire stroke around the text (converted to curves) itself on other projects, but its very time consuming. This process more than triples my the time I have to work on each project with this problem. So any help is appreciated, thank you
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