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  1. I tried Murfee's method and it works fine.
  2. Yes there is definitely a problem in the last 2 updates, I can no longer drag and drop into my asset panel and have not been able to add any assets. I thought maybe I had reached a maximum limit or something, but it must be a bug. I'd love to see that fixed.
  3. I'm a newbie with Publisher but have found it to be a lot better for what I require than InDesign which I have used for 20 years and prior to that worked in Quark Xpress. I have also used the "Publisher" DTP software on an Acorn Armstrong computer I owned and actually gave training on this. I am saying this because what I'd really like to see eventually on Affinity Publisher would be the ability to place a master text frame on any page anywhere in the publication which allows that text to be edited on any of the master text frames throughout the document and it automatically changes across the publication. This was possible on the Acorn using that *Publisher* software. (*obviously same name but different developer and since Mac bought out Acorn it is no longer available) Currently I am creating modules for a Real Estate Advertisement of various sizes to place on a page. I currently create assets of each module and it would be awesome to be able to change it once and all the other sizes update. Apparently Quark Express does this very well. I believe you have to use tags to do it though. Anyway Affinity Publisher is very good and easy to use and I look forward to seeing it develop. MacOS 10.14.2 Macbook Pro