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  1. Its strange and a little sad that there is no info or update from Affinity after all this time!
  2. Hi. It’s been a while and the issue still exists with no news... Do you know when the lag issue will be addressed?
  3. Hi MEB, thanks for your help :).
  4. As the title says, there is a significant lag or pause when I try to move points of a shape with my Apple Pencil. I guess the lag is also there when dragging with my finger, but it’s less visible. The points only move when I drag them for more than around 5mm on the screen. I am using the new IPad Pro 11“ and Affinity Designer Version Here is a screen recording. In my opinion this makes it impossible to work precisely... 61F4593B-2225-4358-8A11-F27272B939E6.MOV