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  1. Ok, I tried stacking some raw images of the moon (21mp Nikon d500). 4 images took 14 seconds, 10 images too 5 minutes 31 seconds. Thats quite a difference. I think it was a little faster than my last test because most of the images was black, but there is still something weird going on.
  2. Well, at least according to Geekbench the iPad Pro 11 has a multicore score of 18395 and a singlecore score of 5031 and the fastest iMac 2017 has just a score of 14654 and 4968. But that’s just a benchmark. I will try stacking 4 and then 10 pictures tomorrow.
  3. Thanks for your help. An iPad Pro 11‘ should be faster than an iMac from 2017, right? My guess is that the process only runs on one of the cores.
  4. Hi, I am using a new 11‘ iPad Pro with 512gb and I am trying to stack several (Raw) images into one. Stacking 10 images seems to take around 10 minutes, for me that seemed to be pretty long. So I checked the CPU load when Affinity Photo stacks the images and my iPad is hovering at around 26%. When idling it is at 4,5% (see attached image). Is this normal or a bug in Affinity Photo for iPad? Maybe the process is running on just one core? Thanks Mathias
  5. And does the beta fix the lag? Unfortunately, I am not in the beta program.
  6. Its strange and a little sad that there is no info or update from Affinity after all this time!
  7. Hi. It’s been a while and the issue still exists with no news... Do you know when the lag issue will be addressed?
  8. As the title says, there is a significant lag or pause when I try to move points of a shape with my Apple Pencil. I guess the lag is also there when dragging with my finger, but it’s less visible. The points only move when I drag them for more than around 5mm on the screen. I am using the new IPad Pro 11“ and Affinity Designer Version Here is a screen recording. In my opinion this makes it impossible to work precisely... 61F4593B-2225-4358-8A11-F27272B939E6.MOV
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