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  1. Still puzzling, but a bit less. I did not have the channel mixer set correctly. Now that I have it set as suggested in the A and M method, things are working. Please post usage images showing associated layer stack when so inclined. Best regards, Clifford Rourke
  2. Edit- removed example picts.
  3. All, For the "a and m" version, so far, I get no joy. Got it all set up, added a curves adjustment, turn the mask on and off and = no effect. I put the curves layer above, below, nested, every place it could go and find no change switching the mask layer on and off. Perhaps one of you could post a 'next step' for this. What did you do next with your creation? I didn't try Max's version as he has me completely lost. I am not familiar with Lab color controls so there is too much "short hand" in the post for me to understand- my bad. Again, please post the 'next step' or an example of how to use this mask making technique. A question- does M simply get replaced with L? Best regards, Clifford Rourke
  4. This thread is over my head. I found it looking for luminosity mask info. A question- what would this technique be used for exactly? I'm not clear on the meaning of gray scale editing. Is that editing black and white photos or, something to do with "white reveals, black conceals" ? Thanks for taking the time post on this technique. EDIT: Went and watched/worked with the Channels videos and I believe I'm on the same page now. The videos are found Here - Affinity Photo - Channels for Alpha Masking and Here - Affinity Photo - Channels: Greyscale Blending. If there are other learning opportunities you're aware of, please post.

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