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"Mask of Jaru" by Doz.

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New artwork I am conquering up in Affinity Designer.  Here are a few stages.I will work on it again this week.
I am not sure how to add any text under an image, but thanks for the comments and interest in my learning the software.  I am sure with practice it will get better.  All advice is always appreciated.  Thanks again, enjoy making art.

Mask of Jaru by Doz on his Cintiq 24 inch 9 09 2019.jpg

Composite mysterious ne project lesson by Doz 9 09 2019.jpg

Composite mysterious new project lesson 200 line by Doz 9 09 2019 007.jpg

Composite Mask of Jaru by Doz seventh iteration 150 line 9 10 2019.jpg

Line screen 150 Master pasted version Mask of Jaru by Doz 9 10 2019.jpg

New face line and color 012 150 line.jpg564227914_Line150NewMasterMaskofJaru911201915x15.thumb.jpg.8cec90b729b31237e10df4f377e7bb99.jpg
Okay, a most busy and good learning day.  I now instead of building one half and mirroring and assembling in Photoshop, did it all in Affinity Designer like I should.  Prompted by an email I took the time to find a good tutorial and learned to mirror and use symmetry.  Thanks for the prompt, this project will continue all in Affinity designer.  Follow the sides of the head for changes top to bottom and tomorrow perhaps new additions to this artwork.

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Sharing stages of creation on Mask of Jaru.

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Okay, thank you for the advice LiamBlack.  I looked up symmetry and mirroring tools and not being lazy - I find they are unbelievably cool.  As a newbie I have to force the brain to keep open and never quit.  So I am now going to work in symmetry, mirror and continue. Of course that gave me new Ideas for distortions on future projects and then mirroring and symmetry painting, truly unlimited options, just need to add them to the kit bag.  Thanks again.

By the way I also need to learn working in forums, new to this, also.

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Current progress.  I have 4 days of sorting out the message "Preparing Automatic Repairs"..Black screen...it was the Ac/Dc adapter cord for the ASUS G705jm Gamer ROG laptop.

now 15 x 15 150 line Second brain add New Master Mask of Jaru 9 14 2019.jpg

Purple Jelly paint to brain add New Master Mask of Jaru 9 20 2019 x1618.jpg

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Image updated as I continue to work on it.

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