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(How to) "stack-export" images/layers in AP? (later to be used for animated gif)

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Hello dear people,

I'd like to retouch a bunch of photos (resize/crop/contrast), all in the same way, and then export them efficiently (like not one by one). Is there a trick?

With file->New Stack, I managed to do the retouching-part, which gave me a "Live Stack Group" in the layers panel. (Is this a "normal" layer with childs?). Now I am searching a way to export all single images from this Stack Group. efficiently. like not one by one.
Is this even possible? Or maybe you would know a different way to go about it?

TL;DR : Who knows a way to export several layers as independent pictures with "one move"?

Thank you!!!!

EDIT : I think I FOUND SOMETHING that works, via export persona and using the layers as slices... looks promising. sorry for the fuzz

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found an answer

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