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Unhandled Exception Crash when Opening Document

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I created a 48 page document with a mix of text style, large raster graphics (1-5 MB photos), and vector graphics and two master styles, one for the cover exterior and another for the interior pages. ANSI Letter 5.5 x 8.5 pages in 11 x 8 spreads. I use a second, raster version of each full-spread photo that is blurred and saved to JPEG format. I overlay it to improve contrast. I used the default "prefers embedded files" setting.

Attempts to Fix Issue

Recreated document from scratch but selected prefer to link to file (much like how I use InDesign), rather than embedded.

  • File size wasn't that different, which surprised me (43 MB for linked vs 47 MB for embedded)
  • Crash still occurs when saving and attempting to reopen the file, throwing this reference: cb9c24ca-1885-41dc-9901-a1bc033de38a
  • Crash occurs before any pages or graphics can load.

Further Testing

It appears that this is a known issue with raster graphics on Master Spread pages. I recreated the document without graphics on master spreads and it saved and loaded just fine. :)



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