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Leslie Richelle

"Shear" vs "Skew" (Spoiler: "skew" is better)

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Wonders never cease: I'd quite given up on Publisher and gone back to InDesign and other fine Adobe products, but beta is here and I'm more than a little impressed with it. Is it true that "extra space only between paragraphs" is more-or-less out front where we can find it? That's so cool!

But...this "shear" business, for slanted text or distorted graphics, (1) is a problem, one which one might wish Affinity wouldn't pick up from Adobe (2): "shear" is for sheep, not for script. A far better term is "skew," or maybe "slant." Even Corel (3) knows that! Any chance you could revise that? It would be a finger in Adobe's eye, always a good thing.



Beginning to believer be, in all things Affinity.

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