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Hi All

I've recently purchased Affinity Photo and Designer plus both workbooks and intend to get into both of them.

Up until now I've been a big Lightroom fan but, have recently debated the value of subscribing to Adobe as a photography enthusiast rather than pro. 

Now I have invested in a Surface Pro I'm looking at my workflow and debating how I can get the best out of both.

Setup Prior to Surface Pro:
LR CC Classic
RAW Photos and Catalog Synced with One Drive for backup

Choices moving forward:
1. Stick with LR CC Classic
Sync Catalog via One Drive
RAW Photos move to an external drive and use between the two
Use Affinity as my go to editor

Plus Points: A workflow I'm used to with LR CC Classic
Negative Points: Still paying for Creative Cloud, catalog needs to be synced before opening on surface and vice versa

2. User LR CC
Sync all RAW photos to the cloud with LR CC

Plus Points: Works seamless between both devices
Negatives Points: Still paying for Creative Cloud and cannot open in Affinity from LR CC (Booooo!)

3. Sack of Creative Cloud
Use Windows to manage files / other software and run with Affinity Photo
RAW Photos all synced with One Drive

Plus Points: No Creative Cloud Subscription
Negative Points: Need to adopt a new method for managing RAW Photos and quick edits.

These are the options I think I have but, as this is the place for all Affinity Photo questions, I'm sure others have their workflows that they could share.
What RAW Processor / File Management System do you all use prior to opening Affinity Photo?

I've seen DarkTable amongst others and also debated converting my files to JPG once finished editing, one to save disk space and two means the files are how I want them to look. Obvious downside is reverting them back to original if you don't keep the RAWs.


Thanks for anyone's help in advance, it's greatly appreciated.




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