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First I want to thank you guys for the great tool Affinity Photo you have created for us to use. 

It takes some time to addapt to it, but it certainly works really good. 


I have an issue I want to tell you about. I am taking the product photos for an online shop and it's a big collection. I have developed some Macros, and lately I have been suffering from LOW DISK SPACE. Well, I started looking for the reason and I saw that the reason was 'My pictures' folder. I told you it's a big collection and I have thousands of photos. 

The Macro I apply is very simple: 

  • Exposition correction
  • Curves editing 
  • Streightening + Square Crop
  • Adding 3 guidelines


and that is all.


Should be simple. Of course, I need to keep the working file until the Season is over, just in case. 

But the thing is, these simple steps are converting my 5MB pictures into 50MB .afphoto files and it's eating up my Storage Space. 


Thank you for your work and I hope you will be able to solve this in following updates. 





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