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Odd brush sensitivity issue in 1.6.6

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Over the weekend, I updated Affinity Photo to it's latest version, 1.6.6.  Upon opening the program after I reset my computer, something felt off when I wanted to use a few of the standard brushes.  The way the pressure sensitivity worked felt different, but I just supposed it was my Wacom tablet acting odd.  I went into my settings and made sure that the pressure sensitivity was in check and the pen was calibrated but Affinity Photo was still acting odd when it came to drawing with the brushes.  Even after resetting my computer again it still acted this way.  I opened up a few different art programs to make sure it wasn't the tablet and yes, it's definitely something wrong with Affinity Photo.  It's hard to describe the error without showing it or having you draw with the brushes yourself, but the brushes seem to start it's thinnest and work its way to it's thickest when it should be the opposite.  Other times, it seems to just come out as one long, pressureless line. It seems like a minuscule problem, but as an artist, it makes drawing feel stilted and awkward.  If anyone knows why this problem is happening I'd greatly appreciate it.


I have a Wacom 22HD touch Creative Pen Display driver version 6.3.19-6.  I use a Mac mini


* Edit- it's worth noting that I've downloaded a trial version of affinity photo 1.6.6 with the same problem

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