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Live Preview with Dropbox (AD)

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Here's a simple solution to get live preview from AD to other devices that have Dropbox installed.


1) Let's start by creating a New folder in Dropbox. (Tip: if we add underscore in front of folder name then the newly created folder will always be the first.)



2) Open AD and create new document.  File > New > OK.


post-39943-0-37304700-1494069919_thumb.jpg   post-39943-0-72247100-1494070020_thumb.jpg


3) Now let's insert Nexus 6 artboard and save it as live_preview.designer file in _Affinity folder on Dropbox. (So we can edit it later)


post-39943-0-86653400-1494071513_thumb.jpg   post-39943-0-49707300-1494070454_thumb.jpg


4) Switch to Export Persona mode and go to slices and click Export Slices. Export slices to _Affinity folder in Dropbox and you will see two new files appearing in it background.png and Nexus 6.png.


post-39943-0-04407800-1494071757_thumb.jpg   post-39943-0-53705800-1494071920_thumb.jpg   post-39943-0-60614900-1494072464_thumb.jpg


5) Continuous mode now will be enabled, check it.




6) Let's go back to Draw Persona mode and make some changes to our document. You will see that files get updated automatically in Dropbox.




7) Now you can open Dropbox app with any of your device that supports it go to _Affinity folder and see live updates to your work (well...you have to hit refresh sometimes :).

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