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Affinity Utility Application

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Affinity Utility Application


It would be nice to have a standalone utility that would support all the Affinity applications, current and future.


This utility could be as simple or elaborate as you would like to make it.


Some suggestions for this utility would be:


Move the application help system for each application to this utility.


Currently when the help file is open it is always on top of the application window. If you would like to see the help window and work on the application at the same time you can not do it.


Moving the help system to another application should allow you to have the help window and application window open at the same time and move between the two easily.


Have the ability to bookmark a section.

Have the ability to annotate a section.

Have a user configured section, personal help file notes, etc.

Ability to provide updates at anytime independent from application updates.


Save restore and manage all application customization settings


I do very little program customization since historical I always seem to loose the settings at some point. If you have made a lot of customization and have everything just like you want it, getting everything back can be a very time consuming job.


If the customization settings were managed by a separate utility this would reduce the possibility of losing these settings when the programs are upgraded or a reinstall is required.


Have the ability to save settings.

Have list of saved configurations and ability to restore from the list. If you try sometime and do not like it you can go back to a previous configuration.


Backup file system


Save snap-shots of files.

Manually backup and restore files.

Simple and easy way for the user to backup and restore files created by the application.

Ability to save the original file in photo before developing or making changes.


Save manage and install brushes


Program diagnostics

Notes to assist user with troubleshooting problems

Diagnostic applications


Just some things to think about.

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