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Little UI suggestions (AP)

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I have just a few UI suggestions for you (AP):


- the windows, wich open when adding a adjustment layer or filter layer are always positioned at the right bottom of the canvas. I cannot count the klick-drags I did in the last days to put them up. Would be nice if the user could define a "pop-up location" as everybody likes it.

- the app should remember the full-screen mode when restarted. i like to work in full screen because of flipping desctops with osx four finger gesture. Therefore it would be perfect to have the app menu omnipresent, not be hided as usual in full screen. but because at working in AP everybody uses the menu quite often...

- the media view is a little helper i like, because i can resize the thumbs. the mediaview doesnt remember its window size and the thumbs size i adjusted.


Great App! Move on like this!


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I just recognised a little bug:

i opened some Raw-files which i want to develop with the same settings. therefore i saved the settings in the develop persona at the first image.


Then I loades a couple of raws simultaniously just to develop them with the saved settings. At the first pic the setting was set to default by default - developed, saved and closed. but at the next pic (with was already opened in a seperate view) the Settings was already set to the name of my saved develop-settings! But not applied to the pic!! I have to reset to default and set my saved ones again to get the settings working on the pic!


Thats not a big issue, but you should know about!


Another thing I forgot in my previous post:

- if AP works with more then 1 view, tabs are shown, were the name of the file is displayed (and the file can be closed). Back to just one file opened this is missing!




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