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Clip to Canvas as a global setting, and available for artboards

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AD 1.5’s Clip to Canvas setting (View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas) is a very useful new feature, thanks for adding it. However, two things that would improve this setting:


1. Allow Clip to Canvas to be set on or off by default for new documents i.e. to be able to set it when no documents are open, and have that setting be respected by new documents. Having to set it manually for each new document is a small extra hassle.


2. Allow Clip to Canvas to be used when working with artboards. The setting currently is greyed out in the menu when working in a document that contains artboards, so working outside of an artboard is currently impossible.


(I’d imagine these are mostly likely underway for future updates already, but wanted to make sure they got a mention!)

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Agreed on point 2. 


Been able to see that you bleed area is properly filled by your art is essential. As it stands, you need to export the document in order to see that; which is rather combersome. anyone knows a better way to do that?


I'm not to worried about having the clip to canvas mode set as default as it's only one keyboard shortcut away, but yes, it would be nice.

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