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Google Style Illustrations, Salt & Pepper textures

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Hello Guys!!

This is my first post here, so if I am doing something wrong... I am sorry =/


So, I am really trying to make the salt & pepper effects from the google illustrations and I am failing hard.


https://medium.com/google-design/salt-pepper-the-art-of-illustrating-texture-c962dc67cc35#.f0q6cw9rs <--- Here's the reference article.


Links from resources, or articles based on affinity designer are a really good tip for me too. 

Thanks very much!

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on wich point exactly you are failling?


I have tried technique 1 and 3 and made a quick sample file.


Technique 1 doesn’t work very well becaus of the missing options for the noise in AD


Technique 3 instead works very well only with AD and the pixel persona.


I hope the sample file helps you, if not just ask.


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