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No print dialogue after 1st print in Affinity 2.2.1

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(Cross posting over here from the bugs forum hoping that maybe more eyes will help find a resolution.)

As stated in the title, using any Affinity app if I open any document or create a new one and hit [Command P] to print and it will work the 1st time, but any attempt to print again will result in no print dialogue appearing on the screen.  Choosing Print from drop-down menus has the same effect - no printer dialogue.

I must quit the application and re-open the document to print again (and still just the once).

This is affecting all Affinity apps (Designer, Photo & Publisher) and is also replicated in the earlier version 1 applications.

Affinity apps have been fully updated to version (which seems to have caused the problem)

Running on Intel iMac running MacOS 14.1.1 (but issue began prior to updating from MacOS 13 and is actually the reason I updated in the 1st place).

Issue only occurs in Affinity Apps all other apps are printing normally.

Have deleted the preferences for Affinity apps - issue persists.

Have deleted Affinity Apps and reinstalled - Issue persists

Have reset by holding Ctrl at launch and cleared user data and Document & Window states, have also removed the preference and support files manually, none of which has resolved the issue.  Have also confirmed that the Printing Dialogue is not hidden behind any open windows, is not lurking off the edges of the screen, or showing up on an external display (as I am only using the built in display / no externals).

The apps do print normally when launched using a test user, but switching users every time I need to print something is not a viable resolution).

Booting into SAFE mode and resetting NVRAM had no effect.



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