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Hi! I'm using Affinty Photo, And I made a few templates on affinty photo! And I want to sell them on websites, But I want to use PSD bc a lot of people using Adobe Photoshop.

And PSD is the way to work on templates! When I export it on PSD and then I try to open on photoshop It's taking the group and make it like an Image.. So I cannot work on it..

Can someone help me please?



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I'm afraid this is how it works. There is no full compatibility between Affinity and Adobe.

Anyway, can You provide here your template example file in original affinity format? Maybe then someone will be able to help you more with your problem.

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On 12/2/2022 at 5:54 PM, .Matan said:

@Adalbertus, First thank you for trying to help me about that.

I'll send here other template of "Among Us" that I have, Maybe try to make it PSD on your Affinty Photo and then to AdobePhotoshop.


Exampl.afphoto 54.61 kB · 3 downloads

Ok, today I had the possibility to check it.
I have Photoshop CS6, so it's not the most recent, but maybe somehow it will say us something.

I have opened your file in Affinity Photo and exported using these options:



Structure in PS (File:Exampl.psd 😞
Please check attached psd file.

In my opinion, every case may be different because of used options and effects.
Try export with settings shown in my first screenshot (compatibility mode - but maybe you had it checked already).
You have to choose also the effects and tools preserving mode - there is two options "Preserve accuracy" and "Preserve editability" - check what is better in your case.

I can't help You more, maybe here is someone who can say something more about it.

Besides all of this, I'm not sure if this is a good way to make commercial PSD templates.
You have here no control on preserving layers names, preserving exact structure etc.
You will be having a problem with writing instructions to these templates.

And if You own a PS and want to create templates for it, why use Affinity?
But if You want for example to stop paying for Adobe subscription and still making Adobe templates in Affinity it is in my opinion very bad idea - you will lose the ability to check files etc.
I don't know your precise idea and workflow, but it seems hugely problematic.
Of course Adobe add-ons and template market is older and bigger, but there is now also new market for Affinity products - maybe consider also creating additionally templates and other stuff for Affinity users ;)

Windows 7 | Intel Xeon E5450 | GeForce GT 730 | 8 GB RAM

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