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Converting Procreator Brushsets to Affinity Designer (Tip / Trick)

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There's this tutorial here on how to convert Procreate Brushes (working as of this date) to Affinity Brushes. It involves unarchiving the Procreate Brushset into it's respective Brush files / folders.  In each folder is a PNG file (commonly "shape.png").  It's that file that is used and converted for use in Affinity Designer.  Here (my examples) they are imported as "Intensity" Brushes:

I've used this technique quite a bit.

What I've also found depending on HOW you convert the image you get different results
as well as possibilities.  Example a Floral Brush:


Using GIMP (Or the Photo Editor of your choice (not sure how to do this using Affinity Photo).  I select by color, Shrink the selection (Play with the settings), delete the selection and get the following result.  One is the direct result.  The other is the colors inverted (one with a black border, the other with a white border):




Using this method, I get results that give very different possibilities when using Styles and Layers to overlap the end results:



Worth playing around with.

Here's (attached) two AFD files to show you more clearly the possibilities.  The first uses "Select by Color", "Selection / Shrink" the second uses "Select" (which just selects the surrounding exterior not "Select by Color" as above and "Selection / Grow" (Play with the settings).



fleur9_9a_x2_a_Color_AFD.afdesign fleur9b_9c_x2_b_Color_AFD.afdesign

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