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Gradient fills:

When gradient fills are added to swatches from an object's fill, they default to a horizontal orientation, even if the fill in the object was set up as vertical or on an angle. There is no provision when using that swatch to address the orientation from the color panels either the general color panel or the text frame color panel. Can controls be added to address this?


Style tag conflicts between assets and the document.

If an asset contains a style tag with the same name as a style in the document, but with different attributes there is a conflict when adding the asset to the document. The current behavior is to add a new style to the document with an appended number. eg

An asset contains a "body text" style without bolding. The document's "body text" style is bolded. When adding the asset to the document, a "body text 1" will be added to the document.

Can a dialog be shown to give the option of converting the asset's style to the document's style?



Scott Hendry

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11 hours ago, BirdsQueensland said:

Can a dialog be shown to give the option of converting the asset's style to the document's style?

+5 This would be tremendously useful for text-based assets, and the Affinity Suite ever gets true object styles (not the current "preset" behavior) it would be equally useful for graphic object assets.

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