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Problems and Crashing Working with Anchors

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I'm having several issues with anchors preventing me from being able to export them as bookmarks.

1.  Creating anchors from Table of Contents populates the anchors, but they are in the wrong order.  The order doesn't match the Table of Contents and is also creating anchors for random paragraphs that are not in the Table of Contents.  I deleted every anchor individually (you can't delete them all at once?!) and re-created the anchors from the TOC with the same results.

2.  I can't move anchors to a new position.  It will let me move an anchor as a new child, but the "line" never shows up to just change position, only the highlight for child creation.

3.  Even if I could move anchors to a new position, it won't scroll up or down to get to a new spot in a long list of anchors.

4.  Attempting to move anchors too often leads to the program crashing.  Starting with a brand new Letter sized document, I create a textbox on each of the three pages and place "Page 1" in the first, "Page 2" in the second, and "Page 3" in the third.  I then highlight each piece of text to create three anchors: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.  Trying to drag the Page 2 anchor to a new spot crashes the program every time.

Lenovo Thinkpad, 64 bit OS, Windows 10 Pro, Affinity Publisher Version

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Listed my computer type and Publisher build #
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I'm having similar problems with anchors in Affinity Publisher. I'm trying to set up a manually generated Table of Contents (manual, because it needs extensive customisation). But it's incredibly frustrating.

Firstly, Publisher puts anchors in automatically where I haven't told it to, such as on sub-headings with classes I've created (so not inbuilt heading levels). It also puts unwanted anchors in running chapter titles generated from section names, filling in text boxes from the master spread. This results in a many-page article having many identically-named anchors.

Secondly, the Anchors panel is almost useless. Trying to delete anchors in it is very frustrating because trying to put the pointer on the trash can icon is so close to the bottom right of the panel that the Mac constantly thinks I'm trying to resize the panel. Anchors in the running chapter titles can't be deleted at all. Also, trying to turn off the "Export as PDF bookmark" setting on individual anchors doesn't appear to work from this panel. And surely it should be possible to EDIT the anchors from this panel?

Thirdly, something weird sometimes happens with hyperlinks to anchors. I've hyperlinked items in the contents pages to the appropriate anchors, but sometimes this doesn't "stick" and I get pre-flight errors saying the hyperlink is invalid. No matter how many times I delete the hyperlink and relink to the internal anchor (which DOES exist), it doesn't stick and ends up being hyperlinked randomly to some other anchor, which is invalid (I think it's one of the ones in the running chapter headings, perhaps because these fields are set up in the master pages?).

It's all very disappointing.

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I also find that though the Table of Contents in a document looks fine, when exporting to PDF, the result is bookmarks that are not displayed in the order they arise in the document - even if on the same page of the same spread.


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Glad I'm not the only one finding this spectacularly frustrating. 

I've just gone through page by page deleting all of the extra bookmarks which were populated without my knowledge  (and don't appear in the TOC) ... fair enough it was challenging getting the bookmarks on a single page into some sensible order (near impossible) but now I've reverted back to the whole document view, I find that the bookmarks aren't in the same order as the pages!? ... how is this even possible!? ... and there appears to be no way to drag them to the correct place ...

... hopefully nobody tries navigating the online version of this document via the bookmarks! 

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It seems insane to me that I'm not  able to rearrange the contents of the anchors. Right now affinity publisher has left me with this mess: image.png.b682ffa00fe24470be06590c0ecfa0c6.png

I can't move any of them, and chapter 1 shows up after chapter 2, despite it coming before the other.

I'm about to hand in my bachelor thesis in a couple of days and thought moving everything to publisher would be a benefit :(

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I was having this issue with auto-generated anchors using a similar chapter structure in a document, noted above.

I deleted all the auto ones and manually inserted them in order they were to appear, naming them as I did so.

This appears to have worked.

I would try it just as far as 2.2 above and see if it helps.

This still means, even it it works for you, that the program appears to  need tweaking on this point.


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