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  1. Glad I'm not the only one finding this spectacularly frustrating. I've just gone through page by page deleting all of the extra bookmarks which were populated without my knowledge (and don't appear in the TOC) ... fair enough it was challenging getting the bookmarks on a single page into some sensible order (near impossible) but now I've reverted back to the whole document view, I find that the bookmarks aren't in the same order as the pages!? ... how is this even possible!? ... and there appears to be no way to drag them to the correct place ... ... hopefully nobody tries navigating t
  2. Thanks ... that works for some of the problems at least! ... but boy that's an obscurely hidden way of fixing a problem, when surely we should just be able to edit the "no style" setting the way we can edit all the other settings! Even after switching the text box and artistic text "defaults" handwriting is however still somehow the Affinity programmes' default font ... and I've absolutely no idea why that would be the case ... if I open a document with missing fonts, I have to switch all of the fonts to something sensible before I'm able to read it ... why isn't there something simple in
  3. So, I see many questions on the forum as to why we can't change the "no style" font ... most people seem to be stuck with Arial ... bad enough ... but for some obscure reason I'm stuck with "HANDWRITING" in all Affinity programmes ... this is just about the worst possible font to be stuck as a default font ... how did it happen? ... I have no idea, it's always been that way ... but I absolutely should be able to change it.
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