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hi .. Just purchased Affinity Photo ... copied Nik Collection to the default Affinity Plugin folder in Preferences

but when I restart Affinity Photo (and open an image) and go to Filters -> Plugins the Nik plugins do not show up at all

This is really disappointing as I use the Nik Collection as part of my workflow 

Hoping for some clarity on this 



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@Daniel. You will need to authorize (globally) the support for the Nik Collection in the Plug-In preferences (click the "Authorize Global button).  You can also just leave the Nik Collection wherever you want and specify that folder in the Plug-In Preferences too (add filters to the "Plugin Search Folders list).  On the Mac, the Nik Collection lug-ins are located in the folder:

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins/CC/DxO/

for modern installations of the Nik Collection (ie, for modern Photoshop installs, and for the Nik Collection after DxO took it over).  Your install directory for the Nik Collection Photoshop plug-ins may vary.



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You want to target the directory in the Plugin Preferences where the Nik Collection plug-ins live, not the applications.  The red arrow in the attached screenshot shows the plug-in file you are looking to have AP find, for example.




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Thanks ... tried both ways ... copying plugins to affinity default plugin folder and what you just showed me (found them in a Nik Collection folder in Applications)and it just doesn't show either preferences or Filter>Plugins. I am on latest BigSur MacOs

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hi Kirk

thanks for the screen shots ... it took me awhile to realize I had to install the Nik Collection again in order to install the plugin folder

that Affinity requires - so now I have the Nik apps folder and the Nik plugin folder installed - and after a quick test with Silver Efex seems to be working

thanks for taking the time





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