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TL;DR: Is there a way to add a background image to a document using a picture frame while avoiding the picture immediately becoming detached from the master?


I ran into an issue where detaching an element on a master page resulted in the same element being detached when the styles are applied. It's a bit tricky to explain, but it basically boils down to problems with child masters carrying over too much information.

Step 1: Created a master, on which I based all of my subsequent masters (Level 1). At some point I tested adding a background here and changed my mind. Only partially relevant to this conversation, but it does have some impact. 

Step 2: Created a child template by applying that master to another template. I have three templates created this way, each with a different background texture. (Level 2)

Step 3: Applied Level 2 masters to child masters for slight variations among pages that share a textured background. (Level 3)

Step 4: Created a few pages based on Level 3 masters.

I didn't realize this until later, but adding a photo to a picture frame detaches the element from the master, and this change carries over across subsequent masters/pages. I see no way to fix this without entirely recreating the document, unless it is possible to "reattach" an element that was detached from the master.

In the attached images, you can see that my change at Level 2 doesn't carry into the Level 3 master or the page based on the master.

In other words, once a frame becomes detached from the master, it also becomes detached on child masters and pages.

Master - Level 1.png

Master Child - Level 2.png

Master Child - Level 3.png

Page based on Masters.png

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UPDATE: I have resolved part of my problem: I was adding the background photo to the master frame, which detaches the frame from the parent. I should have added a new frame to the child master, on a layer separate from the previous master.

That said, the detachment behavior seems inconsistent. In the example below, I added pictures to a "level 3" master frame that was part of my "level 1" parent without the image detaching from the master.


(For clarity, the hierarchy of parent-child masters in my screenshot below is as follows: Final > Aggro Master > Level 3 Master)


Master Edit - No Detachment.png

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